Forever Better

The Miele Company, founded in 1899, was built around a simple philosophy of “Immer Besser”, which translates to “Forever Better”. This motto inspired the Miele founders to produce appliances which were both durable and long lasting, and thus created a brand which is identified with unsurpassed product quality, worldwide.

The longevity of Miele appliances reigns supreme, which helps with their commitment to taking care of the environment, whilst conserving resources and economising on the raw materials used. This commitment to the way Miele appliances are manufactured enable Miele to become the first appliance manufacturer worldwide to receive the Environmental Standard DIN EN ISO 14001 certification for all of its factories.

Built to Last

Every single product that is built and sold will be tested. The method of production is a rigorous exercise to minimise any faults that may occur, ensuring the quality and durability of all Miele appliances. It is forbidden for the appliance to leave the warehouse without going through a series of tests that go far beyond EU standards. 

Responsibilty and sustainability are fundamental parts of the Miele philiosophy. Miele strives to constantly develop innovative and resource conserving products, considerably reduce environmental impact and bring added value to society. The result of these ideas are Miele’s high quality, energy efficient appliances.

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