Ecology Values

The durable materials used to create the Leicht product are collected from sustainable sources, as the longevity of the product and the location it is from is something that is very important in Leicht's ethos. All of the timber that is used throughout the brand is obtained from sustainable forest management and has a PEFC-Certificate.

Along with sourcing the wood from environmentally protected areas, efforts to help the environment further are executed by the use of water based lacquers for a large number of surfaces, instead of using harmful toxins and chemicals. Leicht kitchens are certificated with the GS Safety seal ‘Healthy Living’ by the German Community Furniture Quality Association.


Innovations in laser technology has enabled the edges of furniture doors to be laser cut and permanently bonded to create a sleek, fine-tuned appearance, as opposed to the older, ‘plastic applied’ edge. Small details like this can make a huge impact on the overall look and feeling of a high-quality kitchen.

High-gloss lacquer finishes are created by hand-spraying layers of paint onto each piece of furniture (similar to the process of spraying a car), which creates a stunning, seamless appearance.

All of our Leicht kitchens come with a 5 year guarantee, and Connaught Kitchens offer a 2 year guarantee for parts and labour.


Not only do Leicht have a huge range of finishes available in matt, high-gloss and textured doors, but the pristine kitchen furniture is also available in RAL colours, which contains a vast choice of 5000 colours. This can give you the opportunity to have a kitchen which is completely unique to you: combining a mixture of tones or going for a bold, statement colour.

The furniture carcases and internal components throughout the whole Leicht range are of the extremely high standard, no matter what price group you decide upon. Glass sides come as a standard feature on pull-out drawers and delicately invite opulence into the kitchen space.

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